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Don’t let people’s likes on social media fool you. Very few know how to convert likes into an authentic relationship to leverage for their advantage in the future. Instagram alone gives you access to celebrities, entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and your target audience on a regular basis. Big name stars do not hire their publicist to run their Instagram accounts rather the public figure is actually managing it themselves. I can help you crack the code.

LinkedIN is now becoming my playground. How do you get noticed by corp execs and sponsors on this platform? I can show you how.

Facebook is another breed comprised more of friends, friends of friends and family. Do you know WHO you should be connecting with and how?

To sum it up, I’ve learned real tips to making relevant and powerful connections on social media that add up to PROFIT. It’s up to you how you will work the relationship but I can give you the keys to open the door. What you do when you get inside is up to you. Or, you can hire me for that as well at a later time.

You might be thinking I don’t need to connect to a celebrity or influencer on the gram. I need corporate gigs. Trust me my methods work for BOTH!

I actually secured a lucrative deal with a municipality and gained credibility with their city MAYOR all from Instagram! Crazy right?! 

I can show you how to work social media the right way.

Oh you think I just share motivation online and I don’t do anything else? LOL

I secure big deals from DMs, comments, likes, and hearts.

I’ll show you how but everything I tell you requires activating my SUCCESS FORMULA or it won’t work. (we’ll discuss this too).

Want to how how to slide in the DM without being sleazy and secure a deal?

Want to learn how to build brand loyalty and trust via social media?

Want to know how to create an authentic connection with your target audience, sponsor or partner that you would like to do business with?

Main platforms I will discuss:

Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIN

I will show you what to do without paid advertisements. Ready? Success school is in session! 

Let's Be Social + Paid Training

$97.00 Regular Price
$48.50Sale Price
    • Video Training
    • Customer Avatar Workbook
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