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Dr. Keita Joy

CEO, Success Uncensored® Coaching

Motivational Teacher &

Success Maximizer, EdD, M.S.

As I discovered my values, my desires, my wants, my fears, my strengths, and my passions, I realized that I can take control of my life.

Life doesn’t have to happen to me, rather I can navigate life based on the principles that I establish. Then, with being that girl that everyone went to for advice I had to tell my corporate friends, entrepreneur friends, athletic friends, and entertainer friends how to level up in life and business. Managing mom life, wife life, running a company, speaking around the nation, and coaching companies is my life’s work and I help others maximize their greatest potential to have whatever it is that they want.

There’s something special that we all have to offer and every pain point that we experience is only a piece of the blueprint to your next level of success. I am dedicated to helping others find fulfillment and success.

I love spreading JOY. It’s that simple. It kind of worked out that my middle name is JOY because that’s what I love giving to others. When you have clarity, purpose, and learn to own your power, you experience joy. I’m obsessed with bringing out the best in others. People have a lot of unseen potential in them that I help them discover.

Word on the street is that I’m known for my energy. People say it’s contagious and that my joy is infectious. I’m like the hope dealer for humanity. I love to learn and I have an extensive background in marketing, psychological studies, organizational leadership, and human services management. I say all of that to say that my coaching programs  are all research based and data driven because you deserve the right information for growth.

I believe that we are not entitled to anything or anyone and for that I realize that relationships of any sort are a gift. Whether it is a quick stop at Starbucks, catching up with the barista, working with a client, or talking to a friend, connectivity matters and is a gift. I understand that life isn’t promised and for that I want to maximize the greatest potential in others and myself.

I drive you to change. I encourage you to be better. I transform lives with my proven success principles that will help you level up in life and business. You really can live your best life, make more money, have great relationships, make a difference in the world, and have an abundance of fulfillment, joy, and success!

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